Week In Review: March 4 – 10, 2013

Amazon’s 10 Crosby Shop In Shop

Amazon has kicked off it’s new “shop in shop” model with Derek Lam’s 10 Crosby. Essentially, its a freestanding site but you’ll need your Amazon credentials to see it. Given the amount of information Amazon has gathered on our spending habits, this seems a good way to put it to good use. Next to Google and maybe Wikipedia, Amazon is my go to for product specs, reviews, and price. And usually their suggestions are spot on. I’m curious to see what sort of things will land in my inbox now!! Source

20 Million Dollar Fetch

Conde Nast has invested $20 Million in Farfetch.com, an online conglomerate for high end designers. It reminds me of a higher end Etsy with its vintage and contemporary wares. According to their agreement, both companies must remain separate but I imagine some form of partnership between the two. Some sort of fully interactive digital magazines, where you can buy from the ads and articles, which would be very cool. Source

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