Ciara Was SUPPOSED To Give Janet!

It was at this very moment when I was 100% convinced that Ciara could be the next Janet.

Every generation has its own superstars. Rihanna is our Madonna. Beyonce is… Beyonce (I say that as neither a compliment nor insult. She’s a bit confusing to me). Unfortunately, the value of just standing there SANGING in ¬†pretty dress has diminished so doubtful a Whitney or Mariah would flourish now. But, in MY mind, there is room for the choreography heavy, whisper singing, PERFORMER ala Janet. I thought Ciara would be that gal.

Her build up was strong. Each single and video with more polish the last. Dancing was impeccable. Then modeling contract. YES!! GO CICI!!! Then Love Sex Magic. EXCELLENT. Tours with Britney and Jay-Z. AWESOME. Then nothing.

Fantasy ride was largely a bust. Especially as a follow up to my favorite Ciara album, The Evolution, which contained at least 4 wildly popular singles. Then came Basic Instinct with Ride as it’s only memorable single. Most recently, her epynomous album with the single Body Party which couldn’t have irritated me more.

Body part was cute. But the entire video just looked like her career Рone dimensional and repetitive. What Ciara lacks is versatility.  As my friend put it, Ciara makes house party and skating rink music. She needs new producers to give us more interesting sounds.

As for her image, she could never seem to break free from her Adlanna (Atlanta) homegirl vibe for more than a moment. Look at Beyonce. She has a southern accent which makes her charming, but she has stripped a lot of the Houston down to make her more accessible to the masses.

Visually, we need variety! Give us a “Love Will Never Do” pretty moment. Or a “That’s The Way Love Goes” chill party vibe, no high school choreography break in the middle of the video. Just vibe. Everything doesn’t have to be twerk heavy. Janet knew how to give us pretty-sexy.

[CAN’T YOU SEE CIARA IN THIS MOMENT?!?!? Throw Future in the video… he’s pretty too.]

Then her look. She has largely looked the same throughout her career, save that tragic red weave from the Goodies video. Variations on that soft waved weave. *YAWN* I’m not suggesting kool-aid red like Rihanna and Janet but give us something.

I’m won’t say I’ve totally given up on Ciara, but I do think she missed a prime opportunity to be one of the superstars of this era.

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