F21[I’m Seeing] Red

Forever 21 has just announced a new venture – a store called F21 Red, boasting $2 tops and $8 jeans. Now just WHY does Forever 21 feel a need to start a pseudo diffusion line. Is their terrible quality at under $20 not cheap enough. What are they going to print the clothes on paper and glue them at the seams?!?!? I mean…. I don’t see a point in this at all. From a purely business perspective, HOW do you turn a profit on a $2 tee? And as Fashionista pointed out, HOW do you pay worker fair wages when they are producing $2 tees. Thats a lot of different ways for $2 to stretch. 

Now I GUESS to their credit, at least they aren’t going the H&M / Target route of designer collaborations. Ya’ll know how those irk me. But seriously. WHY?!?

Admittedly I’m not the biggest fan of fast fashion, although I think it has it’s place in the name of exploring disposable trends and staples like skinny jeans. I just don’t see how F21 can get any more disposable.