Esquire for Style

I was chatting with a friend about my new guilty pleasure “Hot Listings Miami.” I googled it only to redirect to Esquire Network. “Curious” I thought. Open further digging, I found that Esquire network will be taking over Style Network, not G4 as previously planned. Now I have stake in this.

Hmmmm… I like the idea of such a network. I do. As I’ve noted before, men from all walks of life are suddenly getting into fashion. And I could truly care less what they do with Style, as it hasn’t been about Style in some time. I remember when the channel first launched and you could see fashion shows anytime of day or night. It was like sacred ground for Fashion Week. But in recent years it became much like every other Oxygen & E! – a mix of reality shows and SATC reruns, which I also watched, but I missed the original. So the idea of a channel that focuses on men’s style piques my interest.

Here’s the big question though. Does it pique men’s interest? The biggest issue I see is there has not been a channel line-up to accommodate Esquire. Typically, cable providers group shows according to audience. If it had taken G4’s spot, at least it would have been with other men’s programming like TruTV so it would be easier for men to happen across. However my Style Network was nestled squarely in between Lifetime and HGTV. At that location, Esquire can only hope to get viewership from women hoping to impress style advice upon their men.

Right now, as with every new network, the programming focuses on reruns of TV and movies. I am curious to see their original programming. I’ll be watching – I just hope Esquire can say the same for its target audience. 

Jay-Z for Barney’s

Jay-Z has been tapped to do a curate a Christmas collection with Barney’s called “New York Holiday.” He will work with both luxury and indie designers to bring menswear and gender-neutral home goods to the forefront. Source

I love the idea of this collection. Men are getting more into fashion, with well dressed men such as Dwayne Wade leading the movement. Men are looking to become more stylish without looking like hipsters or metrosexuals. So it is only natural that brands would begin to collaborate with fashion conscious men to produce collections that cater to the modern man.

There is no doubt that Jay wins OFTEN because of his New York ties. However, I wish brands would stop behaving as if Jay is the only option for “diversity” or influence. Furthermore, his name is attached to everything now from soundtracks, invasive cell phone apps, sports teams, and beyond. It is starting to make him appear more greedy than influential. He’s oversaturating the market a smidge.

For such a collection (sans the NY connection), I would have selected Drake. He has a broader appeal and actually takes fashion risks. Plus he has a great frame for clothes. The only way Jay beats Drake is Jay’s core fan base is probably a little older, well into their careers, and therefore able to afford Barney’s wares.

Check out a list of the offerings up here.

LVMH World Takeover Tour

The LVMH World Takeover Tour continues with Nicholas Kirkwood. LVMH has taken a majority stake in the shoe designer’s eponymous brand. At least the didn’t creep in all stealth like. Hermès anyone?!?!? I see you Arnault. Source.

Bandage Barbie

Talk about an interesting collaboration. Barbie is next up to don Herve Leger’s trademarked bandage dress. I mean I usually think of my Barbies a little ummm… toned down but whatever floats your boat. Source

Image from

This look adds to Barbie’s already fancy wardrobe, which includes Christian Louboutin… wait a minute now. This one is racy too. But the shoes are HOT.

And Coach. More classy Barbie
image from
And vintage Dior.
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And vintage Versace.

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Barbie has your dream closet. And you will deal.

Neiman’s Sale.

No. not a sale at Neiman’s. The actual chain was just sold for $6B. Really it was more a private equity shuffle. Initially held by the TPG company, they elected to sell outright to the Canadian Ares Management, LLC over an IPO. This is basically the private equity way – buy companies when they are at their low and split them apart or hold them until they are healthy enough for an IPO. The process takes about 5-6 years. Unfortunately, the luxury industry hasn’t fully rebounded to pre 2008 levels so an IPO probably wouldn’t have yielded quite the return TPG expected so they elected to sell outright. Source

In other news, when I think of private equity I think of Richard Gere’s character in Pretty Woman who was a “corporate raider”. Let’s revisit that shall we.

[Yeah, Romney was the other private equity guy but who would YOU rather look at?!?!?]

Estelle’s Here for More than American Boys

I happen to believe Estelle has some of the dopest style to hit the scene in the past few years and I’m pretty sure she styles herself. 

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She’s a front row fashion show staple to designers like Jeremy Scott and is now embarking on her very own fashion moment. She is collaborating with Lita Asscher on a jewelry line. While I’m typically very leary of designer collabs, and by leary I mean I don’t believe they are real collaborations rather the designer just slapping their name on a finished product, I can’t wait to see the finished product of this collab. Estelle is actually one of the few celebs I really WISH would do a clothing line (Tracee Ellis Ross is another). Maybe this will be a nice segue. My fingers are crossed. Source