"We Outchea" – H&M

H&M has finally decided to venture into 21st century and launch and online shop. I’m not particularly here for H&M in general. I’m also not a huge fan of online shopping, so there’s that. H&M is  great for cheap basics and selected trend items, but the quality is meh. And even the most devoted H&M connoisseur knows their sizing is notoriously erratic. But it should be a little easier to acquire your favorite’s capsule collection. Or not – they have bots for that.  Are you excited to shop H&M online.

Pour It Up, Pour It Up!!: Rihanna Wins in Court


Image from fashion.telegraph.co.uk
Top Shop’s Rihanna Tee

So this was a total no brainer. Seriously Top Shop? The same picture?!?! Did Top Shop REALLY think they were just going to throw Rihanna’s face on some tees and not pay her?!??! Yeah – they have laws for that! This was absolutely a misappropriation. Especially because Rihanna is paid MILLIONS for her mug to endorse products. Furthermore, the confusion claim is clear. Rihanna has a capsule line with River Island, a company very similar to Top Shop. The mere appearance of her partnering with a like company (i.e. Top Shop) is likely breach of her contract with River Island. Long story short, Top Shop was trying to really trying it… but ultimately, Rihanna “still got [her] money.” Source.