Week In Review Jan 7- Jan 11, 2013

Light week this week. I guess people are too busy with pre-fall shows and finishing up the Fall 2013 shows to file lawsuits. But there were a few interesting things going on, and here they are:

Hermès Acquisition

Vertical integration anyone? It seems to be the way for many fashion houses today. Buy their suppliers to ensure they always have the goods. Such is the case with Hermès purchasing d’Annonay tannery, one of its primary leather providers. Source 

Duro Olowu Takes JC Penney

Images for the Duro Olowu for JcPenney line are popping up and I have to say, I’m impressed. 

Image from clutch.com

Not only am I impressed, I MAY actually venture to the ever busy Aventura mall to get the two dresses in this ad. That’s saying a lot from a person who wishes these capsule collections would die, but I can’t resist the perfect mixed print moment. Source 

JC Penney Gets Taken… to Court

Towels, and Bath Mats and Bed Sheets OH MY! Last year, soon after JC Penney announced a collaboration with Martha Stewart, Macy’s sued them both for breaching an exclusivity agreement it has with Stewart for some of her products. The judge seems to be flip flopping a bit, first giving Macy’s a preliminary injunction but later ruling JC Penney and Stewart could begin planning their collaboration. I’ll be interested to see how this turns out. The trial is set to begin next month. Source

Finally, in my “this has nothing to do with fashion law” moment of the week, Solange was perfection in this Just Cavalli suit. I mean. I’m obsessed with this look and I have subjected everyone to it through Pinterest and Twitter. Never to neglect this blog [*snickers*], here it is…

Image from styleblog.ca


Week In Review: Dec 30- Jan 4

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Seems fashion law is back this year and in full effect. Let’s get started with this week’s highlights

Burch v. Burch 

Seems the Burches have come to their senses and settled. Ok. Actually, they probably realized they were doing more damage to their brands than it was worth and settled. Either way, their litany of litigation is no longer. And a consolation prize to the former Mrs.? The settlement made her a billionaire. That’s riiiiiiight. Billion. With a B. In 10 years.

Image from pinterest.com/toryburch

Although the details of the settlement are not public, part of it did include Chris selling back his shares, giving her a larger stake in the company effectively making her a billionaire. Wonder if she will take the company the way of Michael Kors and to an IPO. Source 

Betsey Johnson

Speaking of following other designers’ footsteps, Betsey Johnson is going the way of Isaac Mizrahi and emerging from bankruptcy with a reality show and low end line of dresses under the guidance of now owner Steve Madden. I love this pairing. Steve Madden really gets it right with making low-end look chic and desirable. The dresses will sell at retailers such as Macy’s and Nordstrom starting in February from $99 to $249. I love the fun femininity of Betsey Johnson (I buy a lot of her accessories) and I also can’t wait to see her brand of exuberance on TV. I hope the best for her in these endeavors. Source

Image from mtv.com

Sidebar: does anyone but me remember Isaac Mizrahi’s talk show on Style? You know Style when they actually had fashion stuff on there. Yeah. That Style. In a segment called “Sketches and Answers,” audience members would ask him how to wear pieces and he would do on-demand sketches for them. I LOVED that show. I would watch whatever blah-blah guests he had on JUST to get to that segment of the show. I really wish someone would bring this segment back. Maybe Wendy Williams, since I already love her show. Blast from the past….

Gap Acquires Intermix for $130 Million

This is definitely a curious situation indeed. Gap’s companies and it’s subsidiaries, Old Navy and Banana Republic, seem to focus on mass production and basic pieces at various price points. Piperlime is slightly more fashion forward, but just slightly. Speculations from investment experts have already begun as to where this acquisition will lead the brand, including suggestions that they may sell off Old Navy to compete in a global market (which I agree with whole heartedly). I will be VERY interested to see how The Gap manages it’s portfolio from here. Source

Image from styleite.com