Think INSIDE the Box

From a branding standpoint, this is the worst Tiffany & Co. ad ever. Why? The “Tiffany” blue is no where to be found. While I understand the company probably does not want its sole existence to be based on the color, its pretty much too late. When you have such a strong consumer brand association, why not just go for what you know and stay inside the little blue box.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Lunch in Louboutins?

Today Tiffany & Co. filed a amicus brief with the court in support of Christian Louboutin’s trademark for the color “red.” An amicus brief is an opinion filed by a non party of a lawsuit who has a strong interest in the outcome of the case. Tiffany & Co. is filing this brief for very obvious reasons. Like Louboutin, their entire brand identity is based on a single color. Tiffany & Co. is rightfully nervous that the outcome of this case could effect its hold on its iconic Robin’s Egg Blue. However, if it came down to it, I think Tiffany’s use of color is more defensible than Louboutin because Tiffany blue is a more distinctive shade of blue, where as Louboutin uses basic, primary, red.